Friday, October 5, 2007

Tips For Global Forex Trading

You’ve decided to become a trader on the Forex market but since you’ve never played on the currency market you aren’t sure where to start. Not to worry – we’ve got some great tips for global Forex trading,

Forex is the foreign exchange market where currencies are bought and sold. It began back in the 1970’s with the introduction of free exchange rates and floating currencies. Thanks to the internet more and more people are able to reap the profits of the currency market with global Forex trading.

This is a market that trades as over US$1 trillion a day. It trades more than any other market. There are some distinct differences in the currency market compared to the stock market. Money moves much faster so no single investor has the ability to actually affect market price and trades are able to open and close within seconds which is not possible on the stock market.

To start your global Forex trading you need to open a Forex account. Just fill in the application and the sign the margin agreement which let’s the broker intervene at any time. That makes sense since it’s the broker’s money that just makes sense.

You need to choose a trading strategy that works for you. Different strategies work for different traders to don’t try to makes something work, instead find the right trading strategy for you.

It’s important to understand that trends move prices so a smart investor will make trends their friend and even go so far as to examine historical trends.

The top five currency pairs are USD/Yen, Euro/Yen, Swiss franc/USD, Pound USD/ and the Euro/USD. Make sure you know and understand them.

Examine the charts at 1 hour, 4 hour, and daily. This will give you the daily trends and plenty of opportunity to trade. Sure you can trade every 15 minutes if you like but that’s not really practical.

Now that you’ve got all your global Forex trading tips you’re ready to see some profits.

Choosing Forex Trading Software

If you plan to start trading with Forex online you will need the right software system to give you the ability to collect information on market prices and make Forex trades quickly and easily. There are two types of Forex software available. One is web based while the other is client based.

The Forex market is a high paced fast moving market and to make good trades you need good information and with the right software and a high speed internet connection everything you need is only mouse click away. You just need to decide on which software is best for you.

Client based Forex trading software is downloaded and then installed on your computer. The biggest draw back to a client based system is that you can only access it from the computer on which it is installed. You also need to be concerned with the security on your system.

Web based software lets you login in with an internet connection and you can use any computer anywhere. Web based software tends to less vulnerable to viruses and hackers because of the high security implemented.

Whether you use web based or client based it needs to provide you with real time quotes and the means to quickly buy and sell on the market. If you choose client based software it pays to pay the fee that ensures you software updates because there are regular changes.

Brokers house your client information on two servers in two different locations for security and safety of your data. So for example if a server has a power failure the data is automatically transferred to the other server and you won’t even realize there was an interruption. Brokers also back up their server using an ongoing system so nothing is ever lost.

You may have found your calling with Forex. There is plenty of money to be made on the currency market. The first step is taking a little risk, the next step is choosing the right Forex trading software, and finally you’ll reap the rewards in profits.

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